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Monday, October 15, 2007

Earning Potential

After creating Blogger just search for genuine pay per click programs in online.There is lot of pay per click porgram providers available in online.

Those are.....

Google AdSense
Yahoo Search Marketing/Overture
Microsoft adCenter
Search Feed
Atlas Search
Revenue Pilot
Click Area
Search Anyway
XML Revenue
Revenue Engine

By our opinion we suggest you google adsense one of the great way to start your own pay per click programs.There is a reason why we are suggesting you google adsense.We are doing the same pay per click programs for the past one year.They are sending genuine payment each and every google adsense publishers monthly in their local currency.

Here is Our last month Earning proof which offered by google.We hope you are getting the great information about online earnings about Pay Per Click Programs.

How Google Will Pays You ?

AdWords is the Google program that is the other end of Adsense. AdWords offers subscribers to pay for advertising on Google as both advertisements like text and banner ads. The ads are targeted to keywords (or) targeted for site on the web page or search results page that displays the advertisements. Those advertisers ads will be displayed in a appropriate caregory which based on the content of publisher websites. So google takes certain commsion from advertisers cost and remaining they will pay to website publisher who displaying those advertisements. This is Google’s one of the main revenue.

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