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Monday, August 6, 2007

Here's just a sample of the money-saving specials

Here's just a sample of the money-saving specials, home-business tools, and other power-packed resources you'll have at your fingertips as an Association member:

1. Timely reports from world-recognized experts in the marketing and home-business arena.
2. Audio seminars from top home-business entrepreneurs.
3. New, exclusive articles on home-business topics that matter to you - you won't find this information anywhere else!
4. Monthly Computer Q&As and Marketing Tidbits
5. Free monthly Windows and Macintosh software for your home business.
6. Exclusive monthly home-business book and tool reviews.
7. Marketing aids for generating sales and profits.
8. Monthly freebies and money-saving special offers from marketing experts.
9. Subscriptions to top business magazines, such as Fast Company, Inc., Entrepreneur, etc.
10. Free best-selling books that cover the home-business landscape from A to Z.
11. Access to the IAHBE Web Resources directory for home-business owners.
12. Motivational Thought of the Day.
AND MORE!!!'ll also receive instant access to the IAHBE archives, containing hours of home-business audio seminars from the experts, dozens of exclusive reports, exclusive interviews with the market's most successful entrepreneurs, and much more!

As an IAHBE member, you'll be part of a select group of home-business owners whose search for trusted, helpful, and timely business-building tools and advice is over. No more wasted time trying to make sense of the overwhelming number of so-called "helpful" offers, deals, and information. You'll get the latest information, advice, special offers, and tools you need right now, accessible online, anytime, day or night.

"In all, as an IAHBE member, you'll receive HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS worth of powerful business-building resources, updated every week!"


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