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Monday, October 15, 2007

Build Blogger

Blogger is Google’s free tool for creating blogs.Blogger is web based tool short for web-logs,are a form of online journal.You can use blogger for everything from updating your friends and family and giving your own advice column, discussing your views about your favorite celebrities,or relating your experience in a topic of interest.Blogger will let you upload pictures from your desktop and post them to your blog.

Also its look like website.Any one can access your blogger from any where else around the using your blogger name.For Example Usually websites ended with *.com , *.net , *.Info and so on.But blogger Ended with

you can create your blog by submitting a simple editor on the Blogger,and the results immediately show up on your Blogger, with your choosed design and your choice of blogger name. Accept the terms and conditions and click continue...

Setting up a Blogger account takes three easy steps. Create an account, name your blog, and choose a template. You can host multiple blogs with the same account name, so you only need to do that part once. This way you could separate your professional blog about your business from your personal blog about dogs, for instance.

Step By Step instructions of creating Blogger

Step : 1

If You want to create a blogger first you should sign up with blogger account or use your existing gmail ID and password for creating new blogger.Open in your favorite browser window. The default page screen shot described here in the left hand side image.After that You Just signin using your gmail ID password in the blogger account.Once sign in using your your gmail ID and password the blogger will redirected to you another page as we shown in the next screen shot. I think its so simple way to complete first step of creating your own blogger without get a domain or hosting from anyone.Now you are succesfully completed your first step. Go ahead further....

Step - 2
In the next page Enter your name of the blogger.Depends on your information you are plan to provide the information give the relevent title of the blog.For example if you are plan to provide the tourism related information ... Just give the title like TOURISM INFORMATION or its related to pet care information give the title like PET CARE TIPS. We hope you understand the how you provide your blog title.In this bloggger we offer the information related to Pay Per Click Programs So we named this blogger Guide for Pay Per click Programs .... For the above procedure is how to name your blog. Prefer your title of the blog depends on the information you provide in it. That's all go further to step - 3...
Step - 3
Now Click "Create Blog Now" Its will take to the another page which asking your Blog Title and Blog URL.Depends on your information name your blogger and choose your blogger URL.... Once you type your prefered URL and check the availability of the blogger URL. If Some one who already taken that try with another blogger URL.Keep trying until to get suitable URL for your blogger. Once you get your blogger URL available click continue.... Now its time to choose your blogger template which already available built in blogger templates...

Blogger will offers you variety of free templates at free of cost. Just one click away you can choose your own template for your blogger.Depends on your content of the blogger you can choose your unique template for your design.Even later you can change your theme with single click. No Need create and insert your content again. Its one of the most advanced technology used by google blogger.Also blogger is easy to customize and offers huge hosting space for your blogger.After select your prefered template click start Posting.

Now you complete all basic 3 Steps to create your blogger. Then Insert your information and articles through small editor which available in blogger editor. Also you can Upload images , videos and animations inside your blogger without knowing any programming or HTML knowledge. Then Publish Your Posting. As mentioned above create multiple pages with some useful information to share with your friends,Family members or anyone else.Now the Next step You can convert easily your blogger into money maker through Pay per click Programs.Here is the Video Demo How to Create Your Blogger...


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